Best Email Client for Mac 2019 – Top 3 Mail Apps to Suit Your Specific Demands

Why choose the best email client for Mac? If you check your mail daily, it means you receive that much mail daily too. So it’s time to manage, find, and respond to emails in a more streamlined manner.

Communication via email might be a part of your daily work life, or not. Maybe you’re just fond of living in your precious inbox. Whatever the case, if you have a Mac, why not improve your mail experience with the best email client for Mac?

Not everyone wants to use web interfaces such as Gmail. The thing about desktop apps is that they focus on delivering a more feature-packed and responsive encounter.

The 3 email apps for Mac I have discussed below are bound to transform the way you read mail. And even organize messages, craft responses, and browse inbox. So let’s get to know what is the most suitable option for you.

Best Email Client for Mac: Top 3 Choices

#1 Spark

Best Email Client for Mac

This is a third-party client for Mac with a combination of a well-designed, clean user interface and powerful features. On the scale of productivity, Spark undoubtedly ranks the highest if you ask me. It’s perfect for an individual user.

The platform is also very useful for teams that collaborate with one another. Thanks to some of its innovative features. Innovative or simple; all the features on Spark have only one goal. And that is to make email better.

The exceptional Smart Inbox collects your emails from every account. And also organizes them automatically. Into categories such as Seen, Personal, Notifications, and Newsletters. This is very useful if you want to see emails from actual people first. Responding to real emails might be a more important task for you.

There’s another unique feature called Quick Replies. What this does is pave the way for sending short or template responses. And if the email doesn’t require or demand a reply, simply choose one of the four different swipe actions. These include archive, read, delete, and pin for later.

The feature I’m going to discuss now has a lot in common with Mac’s own Apple Mail. It’s known as Smart Mailboxes. Apple Mail offers customized mailbox folders that automatically organize messages depending on criteria. Such as sender, subject, date, etc.

Spark is a mail client that supports these Smart Mailboxes. The email application displays a Smart search everywhere. Much like Spotlight! So all you need to do is begin typing and allow Spark to show you all the available choices instantly.

Then there’s an integrated calendar view as well. Other mail apps consist of either a self-contained calendaring functionality. Or the use of a strange syncing protocol, like in the case of Outlook. But not Spark.

Spark allows you to create your calendar events with iCloud or Google. Once you do that, Spark makes sure the events become a part of all the calendars on all your desktop apps. Apart from iCould and Google, Spark also makes room for the following mail accounts:

  • Hotmail
  • Zoho
  • Yahoo
  • Outlook
  • Office 365
  • AOL Mail
  • Fastmail
  • GMX
  • GoDaddy
  • Microsoft Exchange

Spark also directly integrates with productivity apps such as Bear, OmniFocus, and Things. Along with the basic functionality of such integrations, Spark customizes your export window. So the style of that service you’re using matches the window. Feel free to add personal info prior to exporting, export message as PDF, or copy link to message.

Email templates, reminders, snoozing messages, customizable shortcuts, and sending messages later. These are some of my favorite things about Spark.

Needless to say, it’s an incredible and convenient to use email client for Mac. Even if your work involves communicating with teams. Speaking of which, personal use is completely free. As for the Premium option, the cost is $7.99 per user every month.

#2 Airmail

Best Email Client for Mac

When you say the best email client for Mac and you mean the fastest, let Airmail be your go-to choice. The app is extremely responsive and quick. Each and every element is well-designed from an aesthetic point of view.

Airmail’s compose window does, in fact, make room for composing in HTML or Markdown. Simply by opening an interface side by side. The left side is for typing while the right displays the formatted text.

As for receiving messages, the method adopted here is task-based. Each mail you can mark as Done, Memo, or To Do. Airmail also works with productivity applications. Such as Things, OmniFocus, Evernote, Trello, BusyCal, and more.

You can even create calendar events or tasks with links to your original mail. You should also know that this desktop app includes the Plugin Framework API. This developers use for integrating other apps with this particular Mac-specific platform.

There’s AppleScript support as well as the function where sending the message after clicking on Send gets delayed. This means you can undo your hasty or impulsive response. If you’re a Gmail user, Airmail provides you with Gmail-specific keyboard shortcuts.

The only complaint I have about Airmail is that it fails to send messages occasionally. Even so, it’s a great email client for Mac. Versatility at its best in my opinion. The cost here is $9.99.

#3 MailMate

If you don’t think Airmail or Spark is powerful enough, you might end up using MailMate. In that case, this best email client for Mac isn’t for everyone. Its interface is nothing like Airmail and Spark. Efficiency and speed are what set MailMate apart from the other two.

The application is keyboard-centric with an approach to mail that’s text-based. If you think MaiMate doesn’t support Gmail-specific keyboard shortcuts, you’re wrong. It even allows you to use customized keybindings.

Since MailMate is totally standards-compliant, the thing doesn’t entertain formatted text. This means for adding basic formatting, you have to use the Markdown method. Not such great news for you if you don’t know or aren’t used to writing that way.

Nevertheless, MailMate offers many exceptional layout options. Such as special views for showing email statistics and thread arcs. Along with a broad-screen layout! It even offers powerful tools for search. That is as competitive as the powerful and flexible Google web interface!

MailMate includes “bundles” i.e. extensions. That makes way for integration with productivity applications. You can copy the message to the productivity app or link to your original message. So the integrations take place on a level higher than just basic.

The bundles do not use proprietary formats, as in the case of Airmail and Spark. Instead, they’re built on those URL schemes of the default message. This is a major time-saver if you ask me.

It goes without saying that MailMate is an expensive email client for Mac. It’s $50, but there is that 30-day trial period option as well. The fantastically functional and incredibly powerful interface is what contributes to success here.

Just be sure that you can use Markdown frequently for writing. If yes, then do check out MailMate.


So what is the best email client for Mac? Let me tell you something. There’s no one right answer here. This is why I have discussed 3 different options.

Spark is the most suitable for those that appreciate a great design with powerful features. As for Airmail, it offers more customization and integration with more productivity apps.

And lastly, MailMate is the most flexible, efficient, and powerful of the lot. So pick according to your demands and preferences.

Best Email Client for Mac 2019 – Top 3 Mail Apps to Suit Your Specific Demands
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