Etsy Banner Size 2019 – Proper Dimensions and How to Create a Great Banner

Knowing the ideal Etsy banner size is important if you’re an entrepreneur or artist. No matter what you’re selling, a visually appealing banner is a great tool for branding purposes.

Nothing speaks better creativity than Etsy! It’s the one-stop store for artists, crafters, and buyers. From a simple keychain down to a freaking chopstick; Etsy has it all! And in the most creative and artisan designs ever.

So it’s not surprising that you want to get in on all the creativity! And the best way to do that is by considering the proper Etsy banner size for your store. So you not only can create exciting new products but also flaunt them in your banner.

Your Etsy banner size plays a crucial role in building your brand. It’s the first, last, and only thing that will catch your customers’ attention. So you can’t mess this up!

What is an Etsy Banner?

The big image that sits on the top of the shop, under the menu is your banner. It sits between the menu and your profile icon. The banner is placed cleverly on top of the shop’s name, description and “CTA.”

Under it, you will also view your Sales data and how popular you are on Etsy. This is a crucial spot for all shop owners on Etsy. A blurry or low-quality banner image will give off the wrong impression. So it’s safe to say that the Etsy banner can make or break your sale.

Etsy Banner Size Dimensions

Etsy Banner Size
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The accurate Etsy banner size to look forward to is 3360 x 840 pixels. This is the larger banner size which is also the latest. In comparison to Etsy’s smaller banner size which was 760 x 100 pixels.

You can take both dimensions into consideration when thinking about the banner. Though the 760 x 100 pixels is smaller. If you’re afraid about losing picture quality, edit the image. Use a template or picture that isn’t too detailed. So the size restrictions won’t cause any trouble.

Etsy can make uploading a new banner slightly complicated. When uploading a new cover photo, you are presented with 3 different options.

You get to choose between a banner, cover photo, or none. The small banner is 760 x 100 pixels. The cover photo’s minimum size is 1200 x 300 pixels. Though different sizes, both are featured on the same location on the screen.

The only difference is that the small banner doesn’t show up on mobile devices. And the cover photo shows up on desktop and mobile.

So the easiest and most profitable option is to choose a cover photo.

How to Upload a New Etsy Banner

Etsy Banner Size

Whether you create an Etsy banner yourself. Or you’ve used a customized template to get the job done. The process to upload a new Etsy banner is the same.

  1. Once you log in to your Etsy account. Open “Your Account” and look for “Shop Settings.”
  2. Under “Shop Settings” click on the “Info & Appearance” section.
  3. Use the right Etsy banner size and upload it to your shop.
  4. Once you’ve saved it, it will directly appear in your shop. All you have to do is click on the “Shop” icon in the header.

Understanding Etsy Plus

Upgrading to Etsy Plus can give you advanced customization features. Such as a carousel banner instead of just one. You can also for various layout themes, featured product and shop sections.

The dimensions for the multiple carousal banner is 1200 x 300 pixels. You can upload as many as 4 banners, at one time.

Having said that, you should also know that Etsy Plus also allows a collage banner. The dimensions are as follows:

  • 600 x 300 pixels for 2 images.
  • 400 x 300 pixels for 3 images.
  • 300 x 300 pixels for 4 images.

Once you switch to Etsy Standard, all these customizations are lost. And your default settings will be put up on your shop instead.

Best Practices for Creating Etsy Banner

#1 Show your products

Etsy Banner Size
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You need to make an immediate impact on your customers. And the way to do that is to flaunt what your shop is about. This includes advertising your products and how they can benefit your customers.

You can organize the products in a collage or individually. Try to keep it clean and tidy to focus more on the product and less on the background.

#2 Duplicate your icon and brand name

Etsy Banner Size
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So what your Etsy icon has the brand’s logo and name on it? You can easily use the same format, but in a bigger and brighter font, for the Etsy banner. If you have a catchy and interesting brand name, this tactic is effective.

Viewers will remember the color and style of your banner more vividly. So you’ll be the first store they visit in case they want what you have to sell!

#3 Show the process

Etsy Banner Size
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Your Etsy banner can be a great getaway into what goes on behind the scenes. You can take snapshots of your shop and the way you create your products. It always works when your customers can resonate with your brand image.

And by posting a banner of how responsible a brand you are is a great start!

#4 Highlight new offers

Etsy Banner Size
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Nothing pulls a customer to you better than an exciting discount or offer! Show them what you can give them more than just your super-amazing products. Be it a free shipping coupon or 10% discount or Buy 1 Get 1 Free.

Create interesting graphics and get your offer where it will be seen the most. Use colors that attract attention and look inviting.

Final Thoughts

This is for all Etsy artists, creators, and entrepreneurs. You need to turn your Etsy store into something magical. Your banner, icon, and description set the tone of how your storefront would look like. So you don’t only need to capture your customer’s attention. You need to keep it!

This article talks about the various ways of enhancing your Etsy banner. And getting to the right Etsy banner size. So you can keep highlighting what’s important for your brand. And invest more time and effort in creating engaging covers. Leave the rest up to me.

Etsy Banner Size 2019 – Proper Dimensions and How to Create a Great Banner
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