Facebook Ad Size 2019 – Different Types of Facebook Ads and Their Dimensions

Why is the correct Facebook ad size important? It’s because the visual part of every ad carries weight. But all of it goes for a toss if you don’t know how much space you can make the most of.

Do you want your ads to be effective? Yes, obviously, who doesn’t after all! The image and content should be tailored to fit and reach the audience you’re targeting. The ultimate goal is to sell the product or idea using the medium you’ve chosen to display it on.

Facebook advertising is a huge hit. And you simply cannot expect your campaign to be successful if you have no clue about the correct Facebook ad size.

The giant social media platform provides marketers like you the opportunity to use different ad styles, placements, and sizes to your advantage. Isn’t that right?

So how about you make the most of it? By getting to know the basic yet most important detail of a Facebook ad; its proper sizing dimensions.

Facebook Ad Sizes: All Types of Facebook Ads and their Ideal Dimensions

Do you think there’s a neutral or one size that fits all the methods? If you do, then I’m sorry to break it to you but you’re wrong. And you have to understand this now. Otherwise, what’s the point of spending money? When the outcome is only going to bring disappointments!

In that case, let’s set the foundation right!

#1 Facebook Ad Size for Single Images

Facebook Ad Size
Photo credits: https://www.facebook.com/business/ads-guide/image

The dimensions recommended by Facebook are 1200 pixels x 628 pixels. The ratio of the image is 16:9 – 9:16. And the amount of written text not above 20 percent.

Building hype around a new commodity or idea means using a clear, clean image on the ad. Consider using just one image as it’s not very difficult for setting up. Select your objective and target audience. And then upload the links, image, and content.

If you’re new to Facebook ads, this one’s the most suitable for you. It’s because single image ads reach a larger crowd to peak interest quickly. And you don’t even require a huge budget for this.

#2 Facebook Ad Size for Single Video

Facebook Ad Size
Photo credits: https://www.facebook.com/business/ads-guide/video

The correct video ratio here is 16:9 – 9:16. The maximum file size of the video should be 4GB. And the length can be anywhere between 1 second to 240 minutes.

Is your objective to gain traffic? If yes, then nothing works better than Facebook video advertising.

Video viewing online keeps increasing every year. Facebook video ads that are mobile-optimized lift the awareness factor of brands by a large extent. The engagement rate also climbs higher.

In fact, people on Facebook spend a longer time watching a video if it appeals to their likes and interests. The best part is that you can design something as short as a GIF. And also in-depth, longer-length videos that your targeted viewers are more likely to share on Facebook.

#3 Facebook Ad Size for Carousel

Facebook Ad Size
Photo credits: https://www.facebook.com/business/ads-guide/carousel

The numbers here are 1080 pixels x 1080 pixels. It’s a square image, isn’t it? So the ratio is 1:1. And once again, the text limit should not exceed 20 percent.

The beauty of carousel Facebook ads is that you can upload more than a single image for the ad. This translates into your target audience getting a better understanding. Of the product or concept, you’re offering.

The amount of images you’re free to upload is from 2 to 10. And bonus points for linking each image to a separate page. This means more engagement.

#4 Facebook Ad Size for Collection

Facebook Ad Size
Photo credits: https://www.facebook.com/business/ads-guide/collection


When do you use this particular ad format? When you wish to market your whole line of products. Without bombarding your audience with way too many ads at once! The minimum image size requirement is 400 pixels x 150 pixels.

Make the most of getting to use an entire combination of video and images. For adding more versatility and encouraging more engagement!

You can begin by sharing a short snippet of your product. Highlighting its primary selling features! Add some special graphics and music in here too. Then below that video, add 4-6 images of high quality that contain your popular products.

To be honest, it’s not that difficult as long as you include proper product information.

#5 Facebook Ad Size for Canvas

The dimensions are 1200 pixels x 628 pixels. And the image ratio is 1.91:1.

Canvas ads are perfect for those who understand how important it is to advertise on smartphones. Considering that most people spend as long as 4 hours daily on the phone.

When such an ad gets clicked, a new screen opens where the viewer can watch a short video clip. This highlights the product’s benefits and different features. It’s a more interactive approach because of how unique it is.

#6 Facebook Ad Size for Instant Articles

Did you know that these types of ads on Facebook load very fast? The publishing format is mobile-optimized. And they load at least 10x faster in comparison to the standard web on smart devices.

Facebook recommends the size of 1200 pixels x 628 pixels. The ratio being 16:9 – 9:16.

But it’s not just the fast speed that makes these ads popular. The formatting of the ad makes room for more opportunities for interaction. Much like the Canvas ads of Facebook!

You can make the most of the current option to expand your content into a full-screen display. Users also get to change the orientation when rotating and tilting their smartphones. The automatic play video feature is also available.

#7 Facebook Ad Size for Marketplace

The image should be 1200 pixels x 628 pixels. And the text on it shouldn’t exceed Facebook’s 20-percent limit.

Marketplace ads function as merchant hubs where buying and selling are encouraged among local communities. You can upload both video and image formats.

These ads are perfect when you know your potential customers are searching for a particular commodity. And in a specific location. It’s like a one-stop destination for shopping. And it includes everything from vehicles and home improvement items. To businesses and other such retailers!

#8 Facebook Ad Size for Audience Network

The ideal Audience Network Facebook ad dimensions are 1200 pixels x 628 pixels.

These ads are delivered by Facebook to 3rd-party apps. Along with mobile and video streaming platforms. As is obvious, this extends your ad reach. While also making the most of the powerful targeting capacities of Facebook.

The ads appear on banners natively. They’re also a part of interstitial ads (full-screen). Rest assured, your Audience Network Facebook ads appear only on trusted platforms. Irrespective of whether you pick mild or pre-roll placements!

#9 Facebook Ad Size for Messenger

The correct size of messenger Facebook ads is 1200 pixels x 628 pixels.

Did you know that people are much more likely to pick a brand they know they can get in touch with directly? Messenger ads are available in different categories. The 3 main ones are Messenger Home Placement, Messenger Destination, and Sponsored Messages Placement.

Home ads generate a 1-on-1 conversation. Sponsored ads take the form of private messages. For targeting customers that have already gotten in touch with the brand.

As for Destination ads, they appear in the news feed. These link to a new conversation on Facebook messenger. It’s the perfect choice for enticing cold prospects. And that too without driving them away!

#10 Facebook Ad Size for Slideshow

The size here is 1280 pixels x 720 pixels. As for the image ratio, it’s 2:3, 1:1, or 16:9.

Slideshow Facebook ads are lightweight image ads and hybrid videos. These deliver product stories. When viewed on both mobile devices and desktop at whatever connection speed.

Your goal is “conversions” and you don’t have a generous budget. In that case, slideshow ads might just be the solution. You simply have to upload the images following a sequence that puts across your message loud and clear.

The best part about these types of ads is that they boost audience experience. Meaning if the area your targeted user is located in has a slow connection, the slideshow ad works flawlessly. Due to its quick downloading capability!


The thing about Facebook ads is that they hold enormous potential. No matter how old or new your business! They drive sales and introduce potential customers to your world.

And so what if your budget is restricted. Facebook offers you a wonderful opportunity to achieve favorable results. Without spending too much money!

That’s the beauty of Facebook ads. So you might as well make the most of it.

Facebook Ad Size 2019 – Different Types of Facebook Ads and Their Dimensions
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