Facebook Cover Photo Size 2019 – Correct Dimensions and What Makes or Breaks It

Facebook Cover Photo Size

When the Facebook cover photo size is out of order, you’re simply turning your audience away. At the same time, creative ideas also make a huge impact. So here are a few to get you started!

Do you want to improve your Facebook presence? Updating your Facebook cover photo size is the number one thing you can do. It’s also the top marketing tactic to up your game.

But do you know what makes a great Facebook cover photo size? At the heart of every photo is the correct size. If your ultimate goal is to get more people to “like” your page. It’s time to give them what they want without any blunders.

If you take a look at any Facebook profile or page. The first thing you are going to take notice of is the cover photo. There’s more to your cover photo that what it looks like. Here, the size definitely matters!

What’s The Right Facebook Cover Photo Size?

Facebook Cover Photo Size
Photo credits: https://www.facebook.com/help/1217373834962306/?helpref=hc_fnav

You should know that figuring out the size of the Facebook cover photo is not that simple. It gets tricky because the Facebook cover photo scales down on smartphone screens. And it scales up on computer screens.

The size of any cover photo, when seen on a computer, is 820 x 312 pixels. And when seen on a mobile screen is 640 x 360 pixels. Facebook tells us that for faster loading time, you need the cover photo to be less than 1MB. You can also keep the dimensions, for a JPG file, at 851 x 315 pixels.

But it’s more high-definition and high-quality when your cover photo is PNG instead of JPG.

Know about the safe zone

The safe zone is where you put all your important elements. These elements make up your cover photo. What’s not safe is the area around the edges of the photo.

From the top and bottom, leave 24 pixels. This space is seen only on a mobile screen and not on a desktop.

And from the right and left sides, leave 90 pixels. This space is seen on the desktop and not on mobile screens. To sum up, your safe zone is 640 pixels x 264 pixels which will be visible on both devices.

Ideas That Will Make Your Facebook Cover Photo

#1 Use a template

There are many photo editing apps that give you templates. With the correct dimensions, you can design yours while keeping the safe zone in mind. These are customizable with different fonts, graphics, and designs. Making it easier for you to start from scratch.

#2 Flaunt your best-selling product or service

Facebook Cover Photo Size
Photo credits: https://www.facebook.com/zappos

If you’re a brand, you can use the Facebook cover photo to highlight your favorite products. By demonstrating your product or service, you’re one step ahead of the game!

#3 User-Generated content can go a long way

Whether it is about sharing your employees or your happy customers. Showing real people makes a huge impact as it’s the first thing new customers will look at.

Ask your customers what they’d love to see as your cover photo. And create the most authentic cover photos to attract new and keen customers.

#4 Highlight upcoming events

Whether it’s a webinar, podcast, or meet-and-greet. If you want people to interact with you, you need to advertise events. So your viewers won’t have to go to the events page to know what you’re up to. With a cover photo advertising all upcoming events. They know right away!

#5 Stick to your brand’s theme


Facebook Cover Photo Size
Photo credits: https://www.facebook.com/joinred

A good way to attract attention is to stick to your brand’s colors. Don’t use too many distracting colors. You don’t want your viewers to get confused. A simple and appropriate color palate can go a long way.

It’s important to remember that a cover photo is an extension of your brand. Your Facebook profile image and cover photo are tantamount. Only a good cover photo will give your customers a positive impression right away.

#6 Right align your focus

This means to place the objects or text on the right side of the cover photo. This is because your profile picture is on the left. And a good Facebook profile picture attracts its own attention.

You want people to look at your CTA which is under the right side of the cover photo. That’s where you can place your upcoming event details, offers, or product name. It looks attractive, simple, and organized.

Ideas That Will Break Your Facebook Cover Photo Size

#1 Overload with text

Facebook Cover Photo Size
Photo credits: https://www.facebook.com/EsteeLauder/

Remember, your Facebook feed is full of texts. And to have it on your cover photo is a bit too distracting. Besides, it can look cluttered and over-selling.

However, having text as your overlay background is a good idea. You can share customer testimonials or an inspiration quote. But don’t add more than 1-2 sentences and keep it minimal.

Facebook, up until 2013, had a 20% Text Rule. If your cover photo had more than 20% of the text, the image could not have been put up. Even though this rule no longer exists on Facebook’s guidelines, it’s of big help!

This just means you get to keep your cover photo more visual.

#2 Adding a stock photo

As much as we all love stock photos (I know you do, too!). They’re edgy, creative, and high-quality. And the best part about them is that they’re free to use and easy to download. But stock photos aren’t always a good choice.

Depending on your brand and personality. A stock photo for a cover can make or break your profile. If you use such a generic image, that is public to everyone. You’re stripping away your personal identity. The thing that makes you unique and interesting to viewers.

The ideal thing to do if you want to use a stock photo is to edit it. Customize it, add some text or graphics, and make it unique.  

Final Thoughts

There’s a reason why Facebook attracts more people than another other social media platform. So it’s obvious that Facebook is central to most businesses. And to start with, you need to know the right Facebook cover photo size. A good cover photo happens when you make it unique and engaging.

And if your ultimate goal is to get people to talk about your brand. This is probably the best marketing tactic to get your posts trending.

Facebook Cover Photo Size 2019 – Correct Dimensions and What Makes or Breaks It
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