Facebook Group Cover Photo Size 2019 – Updated Dimensions and Best Practices

Facebook Group Cover Photo Size

The correct Facebook group cover photo size is a great customization tool. You can use it to your advantage for attracting potential members and designing a welcoming atmosphere.

I don’t need to tell you that groups on Facebook have now become a very important part of social media. It plays a crucial role in terms of marketing for all types of businesses.

Some brands are not just creating groups at random. Their groups are undoubtedly value-based for their customers. And it’s these types of companies/individual entities only that are genuinely interested in knowing the correct Facebook group cover photo size.

With a Facebook group, you can build new and rekindle existing connections with your audience. Groups usually display exclusive and useful information that helps clients in one way or another.

Facebook keeps bringing in new, more engaging updates to make Groups an even more advantageous platform for both brands and the members of the group.

But you know it’s not easy creating a successful Facebook group. Let alone designing an attention-grabbing, high-quality Facebook group cover photo!

Focusing on the engagement and content part comes so naturally that giving importance to smaller details gets neglected. But little things do leave a lasting impression on social media you know. So let’s start by finding out what are the proper dimensions of Facebook group cover photo.

Why is the Facebook Group Cover Photo So Important?

Needless to say, the group cover photo on Facebook stretches across the whole group page. Compared to the size of a personal profile cover image and an average page cover photo, it’s much larger.

Currently, there aren’t profile pictures on Facebook groups. This means the cover photo is your only shot for making a grand first impression instantly.

The cover photo of your Facebook group has the ability to set the stage and convey right away what you’re trying to put across. It lends credibility, no doubt. You can expect people to take you seriously.

But if a cover photo is closed to the audience before they’re granted entry, you’re not making the most of the feature. Cover photos contribute to inviting more potential clients into becoming active members of your Facebook group. Even Facebook cannot deny that.

Facebook Group Cover Photo Size – What Does Facebook Say?

Facebook Group Cover Photo Size
Photo credits: https://www.facebook.com/help/212144952271305?helpref=faq_content

According to the guidelines set by Facebook, the ideal dimensions are 1640 pixels x 856 pixels. The ratio is 1.91:1. This Facebook group cover photo size was not set in motion up until November 2017. However, it’s exactly what works now, on smartphones too.

The actual practical dimensions are 1640 pixels x 859 pixels. The latter is 859 pixels and not 856 pixels as Facebook states.

What displays is 859 pixels, which is precisely 1.91:1. This size is good for tablets and phones too. Along those lines, the social media giant doesn’t place text spanning all over the bottom part of the image anymore on mobile.

However, you can’t enjoy full control when it comes to cropping the photo on the desktop. A little bit of the bottom and top portion of the image gets cropped on its own.

So anyway, now you know the correct Facebook group cover photo size. So let’s get creative below!

What Makes a Great Facebook Group Cover Photo

Creating artwork can be a confusing process. Even when you know the proper Facebook group cover photo size dimensions. How to start, what to include, how much text to add, etc. are some of the questions you’d like to have the answers to, right? So here are a few interesting ideas to get you started.

#1 Use High-Quality, Clean Images

Facebook Group Cover Photo Size
Photo credits: https://www.facebook.com/AnimalPlanet/

By clean, I mean simple. When designing a photo, you have to keep simplicity in mind. When your image is simple, you can position your content you wish to highlight as the main focus.

You can add your group name and let the rest of the image rule the stage. Choose or create a photo that your brand and customers envision. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something complicated or intricate. Let simple do the trick here.

On top of that, make sure the image is a high-quality one. You can’t expect well-organized and clean but cheap quality photos to be successful on Facebook or any other social media platform. The white area of an image should make the whole thing look united and not the other way round.

#2 Add Some Text

Facebook Group Cover Photo Size
Photo credits: https://www.facebook.com/Starbucks/

What is the Facebook group cover photo supposed to do? It’s put in place to capture potential members’ attention. It’s your first shot at getting them interested. And what other better way to do so than by using words!

But you have to add useful text, not just fancy words. You can say what the group offers in the most straightforward manner. This combines well with strong visual content.

A single line of written description is more than enough. You can include the demographic your group is targeting in this line of text.

For example, “A growing community for bibliophiles that are interested in writing too.” Such a note increases the chances of your potential audience to take notice once they spot the image.

#3 Keep in Mind Mobile Cropping

Did you know that the bottom and top portion of the image gets sliced on mobile? This happens even when you know the correct Facebook group cover photo size.

So if you want to avoid such a tragedy from taking place, you can keep those cut-prone areas free of useful information. Instead, leave the space white or fill it using empty designs. So it doesn’t matter if those parts get cut out.

The ultimate goal here is to make sure you don’t place any key design elements or text at the extreme top and bottom. On mobile only, these zones get cropped out.

#4 If Possible, Add Visible Branding

Is your business and Facebook group connected to each other? If yes, then why not let your customers know about that too. Make it clear using your Facebook group cover photo.

Clearing up the confusion at such times goes a long way when someone’s following your Facebook page but doesn’t know that you also have a Facebook group.

There are many businesses that include the whole brand logo in their cover photo. So the audience ends up recognizing your brand immediately just by looking at your main image.

But feel free to dial it down. Meaning you don’t necessarily need your huge logo occupying most of the space in the cover photo. You can add distinctive, easily recognizable text on a design element too.

The motive here is to let your followers know IT’S YOU. And as long as the cover photo is leaving a great branded impact, everything else is well taken care of.


So now you understand how there some Facebook group cover photos stand out from the rest. Just keep every single thing simple.

The image should not only be attractive but also relevant to the content and tone of your Facebook group. Don’t forget to place emphasis on your group message and culture as well, with the help of just a few selective, to-the-point words.

Knowing the ideal Facebook cover photo size is the first step toward getting noticed. So don’t leave that sacred space blank. It’s there for a reason, make the most of every pixel you have at your disposal.

Facebook Group Cover Photo Size 2019 – Updated Dimensions and Best Practices
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