Instagram Profile Picture Size 2019 – The Correct Size and Most Effective Tips

Optimizing your Instagram profile picture size leaves a lasting first impression. It’s proof that you shouldn’t underestimate how even a small picture is worth a thousand words.

If you think it’s your feed most people will be looking at; think again! Your profile picture is the first thing new viewers look at. So you have to make sure it’s in keeping with the rest of your profile.

What this means is that you have to keep your Instagram profile picture size exactly what it’s supposed to be. You don’t want a blurry, pixelated, or stretched picture to be your profile picture. So what it is that you absolutely need to do?

Scroll down to know more about the Instagram profile picture size guide. I have everything from the correct size to the best practices. This should help you set up your Instagram profile picture.

What’s the Correct Instagram Profile Picture Size?

Instagram Profile Picture Size
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The correct Instagram profile picture size is 110 by 110 pixels. But this size is for the mobile app only. When you view the Instagram profile picture on a web browser, the size gets slightly bigger.

Having said that, going for 160 by 160 pixels for both platforms is a good idea. You will be able to view the highest quality profile picture on the mobile app and the web browser.

In most phones, the profile picture gets scaled down to an even smaller size. This is after you’ve set the new profile picture. When you view other people’s posts in your home feed,  the profile picture scales down to 40 by 40 pixels.

None of this affects the original size of your profile picture. If you keep it 160 by 160 pixels, it gives you a high-quality image on the feed, profile, and the web.  

Do I Need to Crop the Profile Picture?

Setting up a new profile picture is not the same as posting a new picture on Instagram. If you’ve noticed, an Instagram profile picture is circle and not square. You need to make sure the corners of your profile picture have enough spacing.

So when you have to crop and edit the new profile photo. You can show the entire picture in the circular frame. You don’t want to leave any element out of the profile photo. This way, your profile picture is aligned, cropped, and positioned in the center of the circle.

Having said that, since your picture is cropped at 180 by 180 pixels. Will this crop out an essential element from your photo? Not necessarily! All you have to do is ensure there’s plenty of empty space on all four corners.

You can also opt for certain profile photo templates on image editing apps. They allow you to position your profile in the perfect circle so you don’t miss out on anything!

What Makes an Instagram Profile Picture Great?

#1 Use Bright Lighting

Even though some of your photos are dark and mysterious on your feed. Keeping a dim profile picture is not the ideal choice. Opt for pictures with soft lighting instead of putting up a dark profile picture.

This means avoiding direct sunlight. Rather, go for pictures taken under the sunset lighting and try to capture shadows in the process. This will add a good aesthetic to your photography. You don’t have the profile picture to be too bright and look made-up.

#2 You vs the Brand

Instagram Profile Picture Size
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Brands like Coca Cola, Nike, Buzzfeed, etc. use their company logo as their profile picture. But for your account, if you’re the brand, putting up a picture of yourself is ideal. Be it a personal or public account, profile pictures with a face are highly recognizable.

And new viewers are likely to remember your face as your profile picture. Consider tweaking your profile picture in a creative manner to make it memorable. What if you’re an influencer? Then, using the same profile picture across all social media platforms is effective.

#3 Don’t Overcrowd the Background

This isn’t a cover photo nor is it a background picture. The Instagram profile picture size is small yet practical. Are you a brand or an influencer endorsing one? Then make sure you don’t overlap the logo in the background. It’s not wise to even overlap products or pictures of yourself.

I’ve found that a minimalist profile picture has a great impact than a messy one.

#4 Be Consistent

Nobody will remember your account by your profile picture if you keep changing it. Once you have the perfect profile picture set up, don’t change it for a while.

This not only helps with brand recognition. But it also maintains a set personality for your account. Keeping a profile picture stable to attract followers is a long-term investment.

Does the Instagram Profile Picture Matter?

Well, if it didn’t, it wouldn’t come up so much. Your profile picture shows up everywhere! It’s not just when you go to your profile. Even then, your profile picture is next to your username, bio, and the follow button!

You see profile pictures of others when you scroll down on your home feed. And when you search for a new account and click on their profile. Adjusting the Instagram profile picture size to suit all these platforms is important.

You can write a good Instagram bio and set up a rocking username, alone. A good profile picture can make or break your account’s profile visits. After that, you can take care of your Instagram Story Dimensions and Instagram Video Format

Final Thoughts

The 1:1 aspect ratio of the Instagram profile picture size is standard. Your profile picture is what people click on to view your profile and see your Instagram stories. Studies have shown that people’s attention span is getting shorter and shorter.

This means you have to make your content aesthetically-pleasing, accurate, and high-quality. A low-quality profile picture is an ugly sight! It’s more likely people will skip over your name because of it.

This is why adjusting and correcting your Instagram profile picture size is necessary. Tiny as it may be, your Instagram profile picture is your rock. And you need to make sure you get the measurements right the first time.

You can use image creation and customization tools accurately. Such apps allow you to crop the picture to a 1:1 aspect ratio. Giving you perfect dimensions and the ability to crop a picture as you want it!

Instagram Profile Picture Size 2019 – The Correct Size and Most Effective Tips
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