Instagram Story Dimensions 2019 – How Does It Work and How to Make It Great?

Instagram story dimensions

Instagram story dimensions; should you really care about the correct size? YES, totally. How else are you going to connect with your followers daily without bombarding their feed!

Everybody wants a piece of the metaphorical Instagram cake! You can now share quick photos of yourselves or your surroundings. And the way to do that is through the Instagram Stories feature.

But to do so correctly so that your image doesn’t become blurry or pixelated. You need the correct Instagram story dimensions. It’s true that there’s no limit to how many stories you can post. But to keep it interesting, you have to do it right.

Nobody wants to wait for 2-3 seconds for a low-quality image to load, right? Scroll through this guide to get the best tips and tricks! It’s time to master the art of Instagramming with the following information.

How Does Instagram Story Work?

An Instagram story lasts on your feed for 24 hours. While you get 15 seconds to view an Instagram video before it moves on to the next one.  Instagram stories come in both photo and video formats. You can add them to your Instagram account in only a few seconds.

The first of this kind of posting had kicked off on Snapchat. And now Instagram stories offer the same features with plenty of tweaks that you can make along the way.

The tools inside the Instagram story make your photos and videos more engaging. Such as the poll button, questions, GIFs, and emoticons to add.

The attention span of adults is shortening, a study reveals. This is one of the reasons why Instagram stories are all the rage.  So be it a brand video, advertisement, newsletter, or sponsored content. Posting on Instagram stories and infusing your brand’s voice is getting better than ever.

But Instagram does more than share such content. You can send a Direct Message with creative photos and videos to your friends. Direct messaging has also become Instagram’s popular features.

To View a Person’s Instagram Stories:

You have to click on the profile picture of the account. You have to open the home feed by clicking on the home icon on the bottom left. On top of the page, you’ll see a line-up of the profile pictures of the accounts you follow.

The first circle icon on the top left corner is yours. That’s where you will add your Instagram stories, as many as you want. And you can also view your stories by clicking on that same icon.

The same applies to viewing other person’s Instagram stories. To move on to the next slide (photo or video) just tap the photo to cut to the next story. To go back to the previous side, tap of the left edge of the screen. And if you want to exit the screen altogether, just slide up or down to go back to your home screen.

Navigating between one person’s Instagram stories to the next is easy. Swipe either left or right to move back or forward on the list.

Making Your Own Instagram Story

It’s simple and quick to create your own Instagram story. All you need to do is this:

  1.     Open the Instagram app.
  2.     Go to the home screen by tapping on the home icon of the bottom left corner.
  3.     On the top left corner, tap on your Instagram profile picture to add an Instagram story. The picture will have a small plus sign next to it.
  4.     You can either click a picture straight from Instagram’s camera. Or add a pre-existing picture by sliding up into your gallery.
  5.     Edit the photo or video you’ve uploaded. Instagram has plenty of filters you can choose from. You can also write something on it. Or add GIFs, emoticons, or other graffiti on it.
  6.     Tap on “Your Story” to automatically make it public. Or you can send it to a select few friends by clicking on “Next”.

Understanding Instagram Story Dimensions

Instagram story dimensions

Well, size does matter! The correct dimensions for an Instagram story are 1080 by 1920 pixels. So the aspect ratio would be 9:16. These dimensions give you high-quality and HD photos and videos. Providing that you post vertically!

You can also opt for the dimensions 900 by 1600 pixels or 720 by 1280 pixels. The reason being that they are of a smaller size and will load fast. This is a helpful size for quick posting and less load time.

If you’re unable to crop the photo or video to upload on Instagram. There is a way to ensure proper HD quality of your stories. You should know that Instagram crops a photo if it doesn’t fit the Instagram story dimensions. It could also slightly zoom into the photo or video for added effect.

Having said that, this automatic adjustment could make your stories look blurry. There is a noticeable loss of quality and blurriness. To avoid this, you can capture a shot from Instagram’s camera and save the photo in your gallery.

To save the image, tap the Save icon next to the Smiley Face icon. It’s the second icon from the left on the top left corner of your screen.

What Makes An Instagram Story Great?

#1 Shooting vertically

Instagram story dimensions
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Vertical photos and videos are great because your users don’t have to angle their phone. You can only browse Instagram in a vertical orientation. So don’t you think it’s better to view images and photos that way too? If it works for your home screen, then it works for Instagram stories as well!

Say you want to upload a landscape picture. On Instagram Story, it will leave a blank space on top and under the picture. Instagram picks up the color hue of the picture. And the blank space is of an almost similar color.

This not only shrinks the image. But it also doesn’t show the elements that could look more attractive had it been vertical.

#2 Making it interactive

Instagram story dimensions
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People love to interact and I’m sure you do too! Instagram gives you a bunch of exciting and engaging tools. Such as stickers, poll, hashtag, and questions. You can ask for feedback, share interesting news, and run a contest.

Another way to keep it fun and interactive is to use the Pen feature. You can draw on your photos and videos. There are different pen styles and colors to choose from. And you can adjust the thickness of the pen stroke.

Using such interactive tools can really be a highlight of your Instagram story.

Final Thoughts

Instagram stories are never boring! But only if you use the right Instagram story dimensions. And add fun and engaging photos/videos to your stories. Instagram now lets you pin your favorite stories as Highlights on your profile page.

This means an Instagram story can last for longer than 24 hours. And that is forever! Your Highlights show up under your user bio and above your photo feed.

This should tell you how important Instagram stories are. And how much people look forward to it when creating a personal space for their passions and hobbies.

Instagram Story Dimensions 2019 – How Does It Work and How to Make It Great?
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