YouTube Profile Picture Size 2019 – What Is It and How to Make a Great One?

When the YouTube profile picture size is on-point, you know your visible attraction is flawlessly representing your channel. So don’t just cut and paste; follow these guidelines.

Visuals play a major role when it comes to platforms like YouTube. Particularly in the case of brand representation on the popular channel. Now if your brand is a personal entity or a company, it doesn’t really matter.

You simply cannot underestimate the importance of visuals. No wonder so many YouTubers want to find out the correct YouTube profile picture size.

If you don’t have time on your hands, then here’s the short answer. The standard YouTube profile picture size is 800 pixels x 800 pixels. But if do have some time to spare, I would request you to read the whole guide.

I’ve explained everything that you, as an enthusiastic YouTuber, need to know about the profile picture. I have only discussed the important points. Leaving out information that doesn’t seem useful in any way. So you certainly will benefit from going through the entire article.

What You Should About YouTube Profile Picture

YouTube Profile Picture Size
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The dimensions of the YouTube icon are squared, did you know that? I think you did. But the profile picture is a circle. So what does this imply? It means all your important elements should fit within that safe circular zone. This zone has a diameter of 800 pixels.

When brands or just about any ardent YouTube vlogger creates a channel on the platform, what’s the first thing they set up?

Not just YouTube actually; even on other social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram or even LinkedIn, what’s the first thing users put together? It’s their profile picture. The icon is what represents you all across the YouTube stage.

So for creating an appropriate YouTube profile picture, you have to be aware of the correct size. And those dimensions are 800 pixels x 800 pixels, so it’s a circle. This means you have to keep that in mind when you’re actually walking the extra mile to design an engaging profile picture.

I have discussed more about these dimensions at length below. But for now, I hope you understood so far.

The Correct YouTube Profile Picture Size

Many companies spend a huge sum of money and effort into their logo. Forget about money here! Are you willing to put in the same kind of work into creating your profile picture for YouTube?

Brands mostly chose their logo for their channel icon. But not all of them do that. Especially the ones whose logo dimensions don’t fit within the square shape of the YouTube profile picture. In that case, if you still decide to go ahead with it, you’re risking losing impact.

Here’s the thing; you don’t want to miss the wonderful opportunity when your YouTube channel shows up in the search results, now do you. So it’s best to maximize every single space of that 800 pixels x 800 pixels dimension.

Before I delver deeper, how about I answer one of the most frequently asked questions relevant to the topic at hand!

What is the Difference between YouTube Profile Picture and Icon?

Well, both terms are interchangeably used. Generally speaking, personal accounts call the small square shaped box their profile picture. And companies use the term icon.

Let’s travel beyond that for a second. This same YouTube icon is what you spot on Google. It’s the icon that Google uses for all your accounts, like Google+ and Gmail. The same applies to changing your name on YouTube, doesn’t it?

Likewise, when you set a profile picture, you have to make sure it’s something you’re willing to share throughout your every Google profile.

Understanding the Circular Shape of YouTube Profile Picture

YouTube Profile Picture Size
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And if you wish to do this, then you’ve got to avoid placing any critical elements in any of the 4 corners of the 800-pixel by 800-pixel square. After all, the picture appears in the form of a circle.

Every channel icon should appear in a circular shape, and not square. So don’t let the actual dimensions fool you. The similar rule should be kept in mind when looking at your YouTube channel icon. When you click on this icon, the profile picture appears as what again? A circle!

But if this profile picture doesn’t fit within the 800-pixel diameter, you cannot expect your icon to make the most impact. It’s important for your profile picture to keep from overflowing into the 4 corners.

So now you know the answer to, what is the correct YouTube profile picture size? So how do you go about creating the circular, small image? It’s time for me to discuss some high-priority tips and useful practices. That might actually help for your attention-grabbing YouTube profile picture.

How to Make YouTube Profile Picture (the most effective tips you might want to know)

Obviously, there are many factors you have to take into consideration. When creating a profile picture for your YouTube channel. Be it a personal or company account! These guidelines apply to those who are beginning from scratch. And those updating their current profile.

#1 Your channel icon should conform to your brand

Do you want to build a presence on the platform? Or you already have a generous number of followers? Either way, a profile picture consists of elements that your viewers on YouTube will be able to recognize.

When you maintain the colors your brand already uses, it goes a long way. People know that they’ve landed on the right page when looking for your channel on YouTube.

But if you’re rebranding the whole scene, you might choose the path where your new and old logos have nothing in common. Now, this is not necessarily such a bad idea. But my advice to you would be to make a bold move like this only if you have a huge following.

In the end, just remember one thing though. That your profile picture should resonate with the brand or image you’re representing. Otherwise, you run the risk of making YouTube viewers believe that they’re not looking at the right channel.

#2 When space is limited, keep the profile picture simple

Simplicity at its best; the only way to go when it comes to YouTube profile picture size and design. 800 pixels x 800 pixels are not large dimensions, now are they. And when viewed from a smartphone, YouTube icons look even smaller.

So don’t forget to take into account that icons on YouTube and small details just don’t go hand in hand. Particularly when text is involved! Small text is hard to read. More often than not, most of it goes unnoticed.

But what if your brand logo contains text, like the name of your brand? In that case, you have to make an effort to scale back. At least for your YouTube profile picture.

Instead of putting together the entire logo with your full brand name, add one recognizable element of the brand. Such a move seems like a more professional approach. Rather than squeezing your horizontal shaped logo into that crammed circular space.

#3 Carefully select the background color of your icon

Adding the logo to a plain white background measuring 800 pixels x 800 pixels is the easiest task. After that, you just upload this image and that’s about it. Such an effort, or the lack of it, is not advisable for YouTube profile pictures.

Along with selecting icons that maximize the circle, it’s best to keep away from using white backgrounds. Using white logos on colored backgrounds, on the other hand, leaves a solid impression.

The thing is that YouTube results page displays the logo of your channel on a gray background. So if your icon has color, it will certainly stand out.

You can apply the same rule if you have a personal brand you wish to promote. Make sure your profile picture is an image with a colorful backdrop.

#4 Create a profile picture in conjunction with your viewers

YouTube Profile Picture Size
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How can you make a profile picture without taking your YouTube followers or viewers into account? You have to create an image that even potential viewers might find appealing on YouTube. This tip is very useful for those that have a channel based on an individual brand.

The profile picture for such YouTubers is the only way they can leave a good first impression of their channel and personality. How you come across matters in this case. Do you seem friendly? Does the profile picture make people believe they can learn from your channel?

Here’s one appropriate example. If your genre is humor or comedy, your profile picture should not look very serious.

Every profile picture is supposed to be an ideal representation of the owner’s personality. If you’re very welcoming and friendly, an up-close headshot is a great idea. This is a perfect image for keynote speakers and authors. Once you lay your eyes on an icon like this, it’s not so difficult to decipher the picture.

On the contrary, if you upload an image with your whole body, it becomes harder for the audience to recognize or even figure out your face. Only a picture that represents you or your brand the most accurately can inspire viewer expectations. The rest is a waste of time and space.

Another great example is beauty bloggers. These influencers, most of them at least, have set up a profile picture showing off the many skills they have. What such a move does is to establish creativity. It also gives rise to aspiration in viewers who wish to perfect the art of applying makeup.

#5 Your channel icon and banner should be in partnership

Does your profile picture belong to the same family as your youtube banner? If not, then it should. It’s because both images are showcased next to one another. All the elements, including the tone, colors, and the like, should be close-knit.

How to Change YouTube Profile Picture

All these tips and getting to know the correct size don’t mean much when you don’t understand how to upload your YouTube profile picture. Now, obviously, you’re aware that the steps involved are not difficult or complicated in any sense. So you’ll be able to easily follow the instructions below.

  • First off, log in using your YouTube account. Get to the homepage of your channel. If you don’t know where that is, click on the upper extreme right-located YouTube icon. Then from the dropdown menu, select My Channel. Once there, look for this button called “Customize Channel.”
  • The next page requires you to hover the mouse over the profile picture. You’ll see how this image is square shaped. But don’t forget that your profile picture is going to be circular shaped.
  • You’ll receive an alert notifying you that your Google account and channel icon are connected. For changing the profile picture, choose the exposed “Edit” button. Once again, please remember that changing this image means changing all your icons associated with that particular Google account.
  • The new window that appears after this allows you to select your desired photo or upload a new one. Then click “Upload.”
  • If your YouTube profile picture size is 800 pixels x 800 pixels, you need not worry about editing and cropping this image. Otherwise, feel free to make adjustments.
  • Happy with everything so far? Then what are you waiting for, just click “Done.”

If you think this process is time-consuming or long, you’re wrong. Changing your YouTube profile picture is a very effortless task. Nor does the image take long to change. The change takes place immediately.

You can perform a final check for making sure the new profile picture is set in place on your one and only YouTube page.

The End

Now you know what size to select for your YouTube profile picture. In this article, I have discussed the most practical guidelines. To help you with the designing process as well.

When creating your icon, it’s necessary to keep a few pointers in mind. If you want to attract a large, relevant audience! While also keeping your existing followers close.

In fact, I’ve also talked about how to upload a YouTube profile picture for first-timers. So how about you put these tips and tricks into practice right away!

Also, you can easily download basic templates for the job too. Each template has dimensions 800 pixels x 800 pixels. They also offer the circle space, which displays your safe zone.

YouTube Profile Picture Size 2019 – What Is It and How to Make a Great One?
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