YouTube Thumbnail Size 2019 – What Is It and How to Set It Up?

A YouTube thumbnail is often overlooked, let alone the YouTube thumbnail size. It’s a great way to maximize your impressions. So how about you get to know the best practices!

YouTube has a lot going for it! You can watch videos, post them, or do both. There’s everything on it to make your channel look good. So if there’s something missing from the big picture. You need to ask yourself what it is.

Could it be the banner, profile picture, or thumbnail? If more YouTube visibility is what you want. And you’re finding it difficult to attract new viewers. It’s time to employ the thumbnail change tactic moving forward.

You won’t believe it but the title and thumbnail go hand-in-hand. It’s the first thing your viewers will look at when deciding which video to watch. And these are the same thumbnail images that turn up on their Google feed.

A good first impression is always better than a lousy one. So let’s get started.

What’s the Ideal YouTube Thumbnail Size?

Youtube Thumbnail Size

Let’s get straight to the point. The correct and accurate thumbnail dimension is 1280 by 720 pixels. You can also reduce the width size down to 640 pixels to save space. The aspect ratio that works on YouTube and Google search engines is 16:9.

These dimensions are recommended by Google. And can work for YouTube previews, players and other platforms.

If you ask me, why opt for a larger thumbnail size? The thumbnail might look small on smaller screens. But when you’re at the end of a video, the thumbnail of the next video blows up on the screen.

So you’d rather scale a large image down to smaller dimensions. And avoid using a small image to scale up or rather stretch out to a large size. The image will automatically look blurry and pixelated and there’s nothing you can do to help it.

The format that works for YouTube videos to upload as a thumbnail is as follows:

  • JPG, GIF, PNG, and BMP image formats.
  • The image upload limit for thumbnails should be under 2MB.

How to Set a YouTube Thumbnail

You have to set it up after you’ve uploaded a new video to your channel.

  1. YouTube automatically selects a few screenshots from the video to set as the thumbnail. But you can select the “Custom Thumbnail” feature to set up your own.
  2. You can test as many thumbnails images as you want. It shows up on the top right corner after you upload it.

What to Do To Create YouTube Thumbnails

#1 Be consistent

Editing a thumbnail can be exhilarating. There are so many fonts and graphics to choose from. That it’s most likely that you’ll end up using different fonts and colors for different videos. But I advise against that.

It’s important to find a relevant voice to your videos as much as your thumbnails. This means picking a theme and personality for your YouTube channel. I know it’s necessary to want to make your video go viral. And sticking to your theme is necessary, no matter what.

Only then will your viewers recognize your videos and watch them more. Not only will they watch it, but they’ll look forward to all your upcoming videos. So yes, in this case, your thumbnail can either make or break your video.

#2 Use a call-to-action shot

If you want to strike an emotion in your audience, you’ve got to play your cards right. This means creating a thumbnail as a screenshot taken from the video. The screenshot has to be of a dramatic nature of some sort. You can add a thought bubble or some stickers or even text next to it.

#3 Stage your thumbnail

As a YouTube creator, you control every single aspect of your channel. This could mean taking a unique shot of your video to use it for the thumbnail. You could convey the feel of the message in the video in this manner. It’s 100% persuasive, effective, and creative.

What Not To Do

There are ways to win at creating YouTube thumbnails. Nevertheless, you can also lose it in many ways.

#1 Keep from using too many colors

Using contrasting colors is good. But using too many to create a messy spectrum isn’t. You don’t want to confuse your viewers. Make use of the whitespace to make your thumbnail look clean and organized.

Are you capturing a still image to use as your thumbnail? Then also make sure that you place the text correctly. And that it somehow blends in and stands out to attract new viewers.

#2 Don’t make the text too small

There are many places where your YouTube thumbnail could show up. For example, it could be the next suggestion on the video list. Here, the YouTube thumbnail size is small. If you’ve added some text to the thumbnail, it needs to be seen. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Use text that’s big enough to see even if the thumbnail is small. A good way to test the YouTube thumbnail size is to zoom out on your screen. So you can view the different sizes of the image as it will appear on YouTube’s page.

#3 Avoid stock images

This is a fowl practice that many YouTube creators fall for. Stock images look good on music playlists and compilations. But are you posting a video about baking a cupcake? If so, do not take a cupcake picture off the internet.

Instead, take a picture of your delicious cupcakes. And use that still image as your thumbnail.

Final Thoughts

Don’t think you can’t mess up with your YouTube thumbnail size. It’s easy to overlook this aspect of creating videos. If you think the video is the highlight of your YouTube channel. You also need to consider how it is.

Thumbnails highlight your video before your viewer gets to see it. So it must be crafted carefully, creatively, and effectively. If you look at popular and trending channels, it’s clear enough.

You need to put up good content to grow your YouTube subscribers. And you need to pay attention to details in order to get there. You can also read more about youtube banner size and YouTube Profile Picture Size.

YouTube Thumbnail Size 2019 – What Is It and How to Set It Up?
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